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Freeze Drying Technology

Using freeze-drying technology, the live cells can be preserved and remained bio-active for 3 to 4 years. Armada Life uses only healthy fresh ovine extracts and preserve with the latest freeze-drying technology to preserve bio-activities at their maximum level. Each capsule is concentrated into 120:1 ratio.

Nitrogen Filled Technology

The live cells and other good nutrients will be deteriorated and oxidized when in contact with bacteria, oxygen, UV rays and free radicals during the conventional encapsulation process. Nitrogen-filled technology is used to prevent the decomposition of live cells & good nutrients ensuring zero oxygen level during the encapsulation process.


Each Armada Life is a “living capsule” containing biologically active and great effectiveness to your body.



Emulsification Nano-Molecular Technology

The modern emulsification nano-molecular technology enables latger molecules to be smaller and completely absorbed by our body in the bile-chylomicron pathway.

Enteric Coated Technology

Advanced Enteric-Coated encapsulation technology greatly preserves peptides and growth factors which can remain biologically active without destroying its effectiveness. The high quality coated Armada Life capsules can withstand damage from gastric acid. It also ensure the capsules do not lose their nutrient contents and only to be dissolved when they reach your small intestines where absorption rate is at peak, raising the absorption of live cells by 3 to 4 times. The healthy cells travel to targeted organs where there are damaged and worn out cells. This technology is comparably closest to the achievement effects to injection methods.


Enteric-Coated Armada Life capsules can be consumed before or after each meal.


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